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        • Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel G...

          Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group
          UNT-HVSS-FZ-800/10, 1 set
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-150-A-1, 1 set
          Steel industry

        • Hebei Yongyang Special Steel G...

          Hebei Yongyang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.
          HVSS-10/3500, 1 set
          Steelmaking fan

        • Hebei Zhongmei Xuyang Coking C...

          Hebei Zhongmei Xuyang Coking Co., Ltd.
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-90-A-1 (10KV, 1300KW), 2 sets;
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-130-A-1 (10KV, 1800KW), 2 sets;
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-190-A-1 (10KV, 2700KW), 3 sets
          UNT-HVSS-10/1800, 1 set
          Chemical industry Air compressors and fans

        • Shanxi Huaxin Coal Coking Indu...

          Shanxi Huaxin Coal Coking Industry Group Co., Ltd.
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-80-A-1 1 set
          Coking mill

        • Xiaoyi Huasheng Pengfei Tradin...

          Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. coke oven gas to methanol co-production LNG project
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-110-A-1 3 sets 10KV, 1600KW
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-120-A-1 2 sets 10KV, 1700KW
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-160-A-1 2 sets 10KV, 2350KW
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-230-A-1 3 sets 10KV, 3400KW
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-280-A-1 3 sets 10KV, 4200KW
          Chemical compressor

        • Suizhong County Sandian Dongga...

          Suizhong County Sandian Donggan 15 Branch Canal Xiaokang Camp
          UNT-HVSS-BZ-F-26-A-1, 7 sets
          Water industry

        • Changchun Water Group Urban Dr...

          Changchun Water Group Urban Drainage Co., Ltd.
          HVSS-10/400, 6 sets
          Sewage treatment fan

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