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        Warmly congratulate the company on passing the recognition of

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         On the morning of April 28, 2020, the online signing ceremony of "China (Baoding) electrical equipment industry science and technology economic integration development Consortium" was successfully held, and a series of science and technology service activities such as technology exchange, achievement release and work promotion were carried out at the same time. The consortium is jointly sponsored by China Electrotechnical Association and Baoding science and Technology Association, and is jointly organized by 16 innovation entities including Baoding local industry organizations, local industrial parks and local enterprises. As a member of the consortium, Wang Congli, deputy general manager of our company, participated in the signing activity.

        The representatives at the meeting expressed their strong support for the establishment of the consortium, affirmed and thanked the practical practice of carrying out diversified assistance work immediately after the signing ceremony of China Electrical Technology Association, and expressed that they would take this activity as an opportunity to actively communicate and contact through learning the high-end intellectual resources and organization service platform of the industry, and strive to establish more cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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