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        Views:    2019-06-21

            On June 16, 2019, the Penglai-Long Island Happy Journey, organized by the company, was successfully concluded, and the employees and their families jointly participated in the event.

            Penglai is famous for its beautiful scenery and "fairyland on earth". We came to the mouth of the Eight Immortals, facing the breath of the sea breeze, the magnificent sea unfolded in front of us, let the heart suddenly open. We walked along the seaside, listened to the song of the waves, appreciated the magnificence of the sea and the sky, and truly felt the beauty and magic of Penglai fairyland!

            With a happy mood, we went to the sea Xianshan - Changdao, Changdao, the sea water is clear, seagulls fly, the scenery is infinite. We visited Jiuzhang Cliff, Crescent Crescent Bay and Wonderland Source scenic spots. Jiuzhang Cliff is precipitous and strange, and the mountains and seas are connected, which makes us marvel at the gods of nature. Yueya Bay is like a crescent moon, and the beach is covered with colorful spherical stones. Wonderland Source integrates natural scenery and beautiful myths and legends, making us relaxed and happy, and lingering. We catch crabs, collect shells, eat seafood, watch sunrise and sunset... The beautiful sea brings us too much happiness.

            The Penglai-Long Island trip made us happy, relieved the pressure and strengthened the team cohesion. While enjoying the wonderful journey, we will devote more energies to our work, concentrate, and achieve better results.



        攜手并進 共創未來---- “電力拖動技術及產品應用交流會”成功召開
        Views:    2019-05-27

            On May 21, 2019, sponsored by Baoding Younette Electric Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Hebei Electrical Technology Society, the "Electric Drive Technology and Product Application Exchange Conference" was solemnly held in Baoding Younett Science Park. Several professionals from Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., Baotailong New Materials Co., Ltd., Chengfeng Electric Power Co., Ltd. participated in the conference.

            First of all, Chen Zhanqun, general manager of Baoding Younett Electric Co., Ltd., made an opening speech, warmly welcoming the attendees and expressing heartfelt thanks to the customers and friends in the industry who have cared and supported the development of Younett for many years. Director Li, a representative of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., thanked him for attending the meeting, and briefly introduced the application of UHV solid-state soft starter for more than 10 years. During the meeting, Professor Li Lianbing, Secretary-General of Hebei Electrical Technology Society, and Professor Li Lianbing of Hebei University of Technology made a special report on the current development and application of power and electronics technology; Manager Ma of Younett Electrical Customer Service Center introduced in detail the new type of UNT-HVSS electric drive products; and the participants at the meeting had a detailed and full exchange and Discussion on the above topics and contents, and also discussed the above-mentioned issues. Visited the Provincial Engineering Laboratory of key flexible AC transmission equipment and a complete set of electronic production workshop of Younett Electric.

        The successful convening of this symposium has deepened customers'further understanding and understanding of the technical research and development and quality assurance work of Younet Electric and Electric Drive Products, and laid a good foundation for our company to better serve customers in the future. Yonette Electric is willing to work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life and sincerely cooperate to create a better future!



        Views:    2019-05-23



        Hehe Company won the
        Views:    2018-07-24

        At the beginning of 2018, the joint research and development project of residual current protection equipment for low-voltage power distribution systems of nuclear power plants jointly developed by our company and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. won the third prize of Science and Technology Award of China National Nuclear Corporation.

        The UNT-LPD series leakage protection relay was jointly developed by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and our company for nearly one year. The equipment is fully functional and easy to operate. The two-stage residual current protection function is the first in China, filling the domestic gap, reaching the international advanced level, with good application prospects and social and economic benefits.


        Student Internship Training Activity of Hebei University Electronic Information Engineering College ...
        Views:    2018-07-18

        From July 9th to 13th, 2018, we welcomed the first batch of college students who came to our company for internship training at the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Hebei University.

        In order to help these hard-working students to experience the transition from student to employee, our company has tailored an internship training program for them. The content includes the introduction of the company, product knowledge, workshop operation, product inspection, product factory commissioning and other aspects of the internship arrangement, the side of the major theoretical study and the practice of specific operational skills.

        The company's careful and thoughtful arrangement deeply impressed the interns with the humanistic care of the employees of the company, and strengthened their efforts during the week to improve their skills and experience the working environment in advance. And earnestly and practically learn and feel.

        Younet Electric is also very pleased to provide a good working environment for these hard-working students, so that they can feel the working atmosphere in advance. At the same time, all employees of Younet are also looking forward to the internships of the School of Electronic Information of Hebei University after the internship. Through the work of Younet, the theoretical knowledge of your school is fully integrated with the practice in Younet. It can be improved in various fields.

        This internship has enhanced communication and exchanges between schools and enterprises, and provided an effective way for jointly cultivating talents for economic and social development, laying a foundation for further multi-level and multi-form cooperation between schools and enterprises.

        Group photo

        Factory visit

        Practice assessment


        Mr MUSA, Technical Director of UK System Integrator, visited our company
        Views:    2018-03-27

        On March 22, 2018, Mr MUSA, Technical Director of UK System Integrator, visited our company again for a two-day inspection and technical exchange.

        The general manager of the company, Chen Zhanqun, accompanied the reception. General Manager Chen conducted in-depth communication with Mr MUSA on the company's products and customer needs, and accompanied Mr MUSA to complete the factory acceptance of the ordered high-pressure solid-state soft starter. Mr MUSA spoke highly of our company's product quality and excellent professional skills.

        Through this inspection and in-depth exchanges, Mr MUSA expressed the hope to further strengthen cooperation. At the same time, Mr MUSA and our company reached preliminary cooperation intentions on the plant power monitoring system, high and low voltage soft start products, inverters and other products.



        Do not forget the original heart and create brilliance - the 2018 New Year party will be held
        Views:    2018-03-06

        The old-fashioned laughter is old and the new year is sung. On February 9th, 2018, Baoding Younaite Electric Co., Ltd. "Don't forget the original heart, create brilliant" New Year's party was held. The company's leaders and all the staff gathered together to celebrate the New Year and celebrate the festival.

        The New Year’s greetings, which are filled with the good wishes of the company’s leaders and employees, kicked off the party’s prelude. General Manager Mr. Chen gave a congratulatory message to the New Year and wished everyone a happy new year and a happy family! The party program was full of highlights, highlights, soulful songs, cheerful dances, creative talk shows, humorous pieces, and inspiring people. The recitation... The wonderful debut of one show won the applause of the audience. Interactive games and lucky draws brought the atmosphere to a climax, and the party ended in a warm, festive, joyful and peaceful atmosphere.
        The success of the 2018 New Year party fully demonstrated the spirit of Unity's unity and uplift. Let us join hands with the hope of 2018 with a hundred times of enthusiasm, do not forget the original heart, create brilliant!



        Warmly celebrate the successful adoption of high-tech enterprises
        Views:    2018-02-27

        Recently, our company successfully passed the identification work of high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province, and once again won the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, Hebei Provincial Finance Department, Hebei Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Hebei Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. And listing.

        This fully demonstrates that after the company passed the high-tech enterprise certification in 2008, the company's independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation capability, innovative R&D management level, growth and other indicators are among the industry-leading levels, and the industry and society are against me. The company's technology, management, service level and innovation strength are fully affirmed.

        As a high-tech enterprise, our company will pay more attention to technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, relying on high-tech, standardized management, and scientific management to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise market and create greater glories!

        The signing ceremony of “Outside Practice Base of Engineering Master of Hebei University” was succes...
        Views:    2018-01-12

        On December 26, 2017, the inauguration and signing ceremony of the postgraduate practice base of the School of Telecommunications of Hebei University was successfully held in our company. Chen Zhanqun, the company's chairman, Li Jianguo, deputy general manager, Hao Zhenming, secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei University's School of Telecommunications, Yan Xiaobing, deputy dean of the School of Telecommunications, and Zhang Xin, deputy dean of the School of Telecommunications, attended the event. The two sides reached a consensus on jointly establishing a strategic plan for postgraduate internship bases and cooperation in scientific research projects, and signed the "Practice Base Agreement of Hebei University".

        At the signing ceremony, the two sides exchanged and discussed the school-enterprise cooperation. Chairman Chen Zhanqun elaborated on the concept of talent cultivation and the establishment of scientific research institutions. Secretary Hao Zhenming gave a detailed introduction to the professional setting and the strength of the teachers. Both parties stated that the company has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Hebei University for many years. The establishment of the postgraduate internship base has expanded the long-term cooperation between the school and enterprise in talent education and production, education and research.
        Our company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and the construction of the team. The establishment of the "Outside Practice Base of Engineering Masters of Hebei University" in our company has opened a new chapter for the mutual benefit and development of the strategic planning and scientific research projects for the school and enterprises.



        Yulin customers come to visit our company
        Views:    2017-08-22

        On August 16, 2017, the director of Shaanxi Yulin Nonferrous Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and two of his colleagues came to visit our company and the customer service center received a warm reception.

        Shaanxi Yulin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. ordered 7 sets of medium and high voltage solid state soft starter cabinets in 2011. As of now, the equipment is running normally. Recently, the customer purchased some spare parts and testing tools for soft-starting equipment, and specially came to the company to conduct training on product and inspection tooling.

        The customer service center engineer gave the director and his colleagues a soft-related training, and led the customer to visit the exhibition room, electronic workshop, high-voltage equipment workshop, and detailed the product production process, product details, product performance, internal structure. The principle and simulation of the field experiment operation, and the questions raised by the customer, one by one to answer in detail. Through this training tour, the customer highly praises and trusts our company's products.


        The picture shows the engineer training the soft start of the customer

        The picture shows the engineer training the soft start of the customer

        The picture shows the performance of engineers in the electronic workshop on the UNT-MMI-W series

        The picture shows the engineer doing simulation experiments in the high-voltage equipment workshop
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