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        What should be paid attention to in the design of wind turbine TCR type SVC?


        Due to the particularity of the wind farm, the following matters should be noted when designing the SVC.
        1. In the reactive power compensation equipment of the wind farm, in addition to the SVC, the on-load tap-changer must be installed. Therefore, in the SVC control, the auxiliary load-carrying transformer should be considered for reactive power regulation to make the transformer step-up. The high side voltage is controlled within the specified range.
        2. When the wind turbines in normal operation of the wind farm suddenly exit, the capacitive and reactive devices of the wind farm should be exited at the same time to prevent the voltage of the wind farm and the wind farm from connecting to the grid substation from rising above the specified value.
        3. The SVC control strategy for wind farms should prevent the possibility of resonance in the system.

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