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        UNT-ECS2000 plant power mo...

        The Electric Automation System (ECS) of the power plant is a new integ...

        UNT-CMII communication man...

        The UNT-CMII communication management machine is the communication man...

        UNT-EAP intelligent arc pr...

        UNT-EAP intelligent arc protection series is a new generation of intel...

        UNT-MMI-B intelligent MCC ...

        The product is mainly used in the control circuit of low-voltage motor...

        UNT-MMI-B-M intelligent MC...

        The product is mainly used in the control circuit of low-voltage motor...

        UNT-MMI-B-Y Intelligent MC...

        The product is mainly used in the control circuit of low-voltage motor...

        • 國網公司石家莊公司弧光保護科技項目




          弧光保護主單元:UNT-EAP-2100      2                     

          弧光采集單元:UNT-EAP-2200       2  

          饋線保護單元:UNT-EAP-3000      8  



        • Jiangsu Banshan Power Generation ...

           The planned capacity of Bishan Power Plant is 3200MW. The company adopts ultra-supercritical power generation technology (the main parameters are 25MPa/600 C/600 C) and two-cylinder two-exhaust steam turbine technology, and simultaneously constructs flue gas desulfurization and denitrification devices, which represent the international advanced level and are one of the most efficient and clean coal-fired power generation projects in China.

          The project of Bishan Power Plant has purchased one set of UNT-ECS2000 auxiliary power monitoring system, 32 UNT-CMII communication managers, more than 1300 UNT-PCK intelligent PC measuring and controlling devices and UNT-MMI motor protectors. Among them, the communication network adopts the way of double network redundancy. The integrated protection equipment of high and low pressure, such as PC section of steam turbine, PC section of boiler and common section of two units, is brought into the electric monitoring system. Through the use of our company's auxiliary electrical monitoring system, greatly improve the automation of power plant operation, to ensure the economic, safe, reliable and stable operation of auxiliary power system.

          After more than ten years of operation in Banshan Power Plant, the user feedback device runs steadily and functions normally. Considering the service life of electronic equipment, users have carried out product upgrading in recent years. For the recognition of the company's products, users continue to choose our products.

          Equipment applications:

          Subsidiary Power Monitoring System: UNT-ECS2000 1 Sets

          Communication Manager: UNT-CMII 32

          Protective measurement and control device:

          UNT-MMI 858; UNT-PCK 340; UNT-PT 26; UNT-LOGO 17, etc.

        • Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum Electri...


          Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Zouping Economic Development Zone. It is a private enterprise integrating heat and power aluminum industry. Established in December 2002, it is a large-scale integrated enterprise integrating thermal power, alumina, electrolytic aluminum and aluminum deep processing. It is composed of a thermoelectric company with an installed capacity of 30-350MW and an annual output of 10 million tons of alumina and 250,000 tons of electrolysis. Aluminium aluminum company.


          Since 2009, Weiqiao Aluminum Power Project has purchased more than 1,000 sets of monitoring systems, communication management machines and motor protectors. Among them, the communication network adopts the dual network redundancy mode. One way of communication is Modbus@RTU, and the way of communication is Profibus_DP. Equipment connected to the monitoring system includes motor protectors, meters, frequency converters, circuit breakers, and the like. Through the use of our company's electrical and electrical monitoring system, the automation of power plant operation is greatly improved, and the plant power system is guaranteed to be economical, safe, reliable and stable.

          Equipment application:
          Factory power monitoring system: UNT-ECS2000 5 sets
          Communication management machine: UNT-CMII 88 sets
          Motor protector:
          UNT-MMI more than 10,000 units

        • Guotou Jinneng Beijiang Power Pla...

          Equipment application:

          Intelligent MCC control protection management device: UNT-MMI-B 623

          Intelligent PC monitoring and control device: UNT-PCK 254 sets

          Intelligent PT monitoring device: UNT-PT 55

          Dual power switching device: UNT-PT 38 units

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